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Posted By: Sara Gingerich on Mar 02, 2011 in Training Tips
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People have often asked me “what is the most important thing for a dog to learn?” I would say to narrow it down to one specific thing would be somewhat un-crediting, as there are many things that are important for a dog to learn.

I have asked people what they think is important and have gotten an array of answers. Some say “being polite”, “not jumping up on someone” or even how to fetch the newspaper. While most of those things are important, the specific thing that comes to the front of my mind can be the biggest life saver for your dog, and that is coming when called. Coming when called, also known as “Recall” is something that many dog owners often struggle with in teaching their dog.I have seen many owners over the years in the park, on the street or even in their own yard calling after their dog over and over and over, and if the dog could “speak” I think he would say “yeah whatever dude!” There is nothing more frustrating than getting brushed off by your own dog.

 For your dog to lack the understanding of what a “Recall” is could bring about dangerous and even deadly results. I have seen dogs run into traffic and miss getting hit by cars by mere inches. All this because their owner had no working knowledge of the essential “Recall” tool to use with their dog to bring them back. 

 With this said there is hope as this can be remedied. There are tools that you can learn to teach your dog “Recall,” and make it fun for them. Nothing should be more fun than coming to you. When trained well and used right it will bring about years of correct response. Using lots of praise and rewards will ensure your dog to come when called every time.

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* Published in our state employees magazine. *

Sara Gingerich

I am an avid dog lover and trainer serving other dog-loving citizens of Lewis and south Thurston County in Washington State. I specialize in In-home training and offer Basic & Advanced Obedience, Puppy Kindergarten, Service Dog Training, and also problem solving. www.saragingerich.com

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