A Good Dog Owner

Posted By: Sara Gingerich on Apr 14, 2015 in Thinking Dogs

A Good Dog Owner My job covers many topics of people’s lives with their dogs. Not only does my job give me the great joy of educating people to teach their dog proper behavior, it also gives me the opportunity to encourage other dog owners, or those who are considering a dog on how to …

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Why a Dog Does NOT Make a Good Gift.

Posted By: Sara Gingerich on Dec 12, 2013 in Thinking Dogs

by Sara Gingerich Remember in 1996 when the movie 101 Dalmatian’s staring Glen Close came out? Six months to a year after the film came out – just enough time for a cute little puppy to become a full-grown, energetic dog – shelters and rescue organizations reported a 25 percent jump in dumped Dalmatians. 25%!! …

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How to Avoid Mistakes With Your New Puppy

Posted By: Sara Gingerich on Nov 08, 2013 in Training Tips

Start training right away.  There’s still a lot of old thought that one should wait until a puppy is 6 months or older to start training and this is just not correct or smart. Starting your dog’s training right when you get them (at 8 weeks) will give you the tools to teach and properly …

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Punish is the Wrong Way to Correct is the Right Way

Posted By: Sara Gingerich on Mar 06, 2013 in Training Tips

Many people who own a dog believe that harsh punishment; hitting, kicking, “spanking”, and other type of methods are totally normal and acceptable. The problem is our dogs are simple thinkers, and more often than not these types of methods of punishment only damage the relationship with your dog vs. clearly communicating that a certain …

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How To Pick A Good Play-Date For Your Dog

Posted By: Sara Gingerich on Feb 13, 2013 in Training Tips

It’s a great thing to find other people who have good, well-behaved dogs for your dog to have a play-date with. When choosing a play date ask yourself these 3 questions… 1. Does the other dog owner have good control of their dog? Does their dog listen well, are they responsive, and happy to obey their owner? …

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Bringing Baby Home

Posted By: Sara Gingerich on Aug 28, 2012 in Training Tips

Bringing Baby Home Tips on how to help your dog adjust to a new baby. No matter how much you plan ahead, the addition of a new family member may be difficult for your pet. Remember, your dog or cat was your first “baby” and is used to being the center of your attention. So …

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Are You Right For a Dog?

Posted By: Sara Gingerich on Jun 13, 2012 in Thinking Dogs

As a dog trainer one of the sad and often frustrating things that I face is seeing people make quick, and often flat out wrong choices about getting a dog. Usually I come in after the choices have been made and my job is to aid in building a healthy relationship for owner and dog. …

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Socialize That Dog!

Posted By: Sara Gingerich on Apr 19, 2012 in Training Tips

Most dog owners have a desire to see their dog be the carefree happy go lucky type of dog that we often see skipping about on dog food commercials and in cartoons, but more often than not that reality is just not happening. WHY? One of the big reasons why I feel dogs have major …

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Things You Need to Know About Service & Therapy Dogs

Posted By: Sara Gingerich on Mar 19, 2012 in Thinking Dogs
Inmate Guide Dog Training

First of all a Service Dog is NOT a Therapy Dog and a Therapy Dog is NOT a Service dog. What is a Service Animal ? The ADA defines a service animal as any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. If they meet this definition, animals are considered service animals under …

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Shedding Season is Coming! Are You Ready?

Posted By: Sara Gingerich on Mar 02, 2012 in Thinking Dogs
A 3 month old Weimaraner puppy enjoying having his fur brushed.

I have found that nothing keeps your home as fur free as regular brushing and grooming of your dog. Other than just the benefits of not having a house that is filled with tufts of hair; regular brushing of your dog is a health benefit to them in a couple ways. One way is it …

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