“I am truly thankful to Sara Gingerich for helping us work with our dog Timber. He is a rescue dog we got when he was one year old…he was severely abused – beaten with a rake and shot with a BB gun. He’d never been on a leash, and didn’t even know how to eat dog food. For years we struggled with taking him on walks. No matter what we did he was SO strong he would pull – to the point of choking himself and nearly pulling my arm off. I could not walk him. With Sara’s help, we worked with this hyper active, loving dog and yesterday as I walked him (while being 28 weeks pregnant!) I thought about how I never could have walked him while pregnant without her help. He’s not a perfect dog, but he has come a LONG way! Thank you Sara!!!” -Megan C. Lacey, WA

“I must say what a wonderful dog trainer she is! She cares for her clients and has a passion for what she does.” -Matt G. Centralia, WA

“I started training with my bluetick-walker hound Charlie when he was just 11 weeks old! Sara has been my saving grace when it comes to training- she’s helped me through the rough patches and celebrates our achievements. She is ALWAYS there and willing to help and answer questions. She knows breed specific things and trains accordingly- Like for Charlie being a hound dog she has showed me games to work his nose/mind and body! She is able to explain different behaviors based on what the specific dog is going through at that point. Example, Charlie is entering the “teenage phase” and sometimes acts accordingly, Sara helps me realize this and too stay strong with my training. Overall I would recommend her to ANYONE. I am still training with her and learning so much. Charlie now has a role and a job working with his nose and his commands. This has made Charlie into a much happier part of our family.” 🙂 -Noella G. Rochester, WA

~Sara with some of her clients~

~Sara with some of her clients~

“I started training with Sara when our Great Dane puppy, River, was about 10 weeks old. I was initially apprehensive about inviting someone I didn’t know, with their own ideas about dog training, into my home to give me instruction. That being said I really wanted to be sure we raised our first Dane the right way. Immediately upon meeting Sara all my apprehension disappeared. She is a wonderful, personable and well spoken instructor. River (now a little over 5 months old) is already the most well behaved dog I have ever owned. I feel comfortable having her off leash, she has never stolen food off the table or counter, she will freely release anything she has in her mouth the first time she is asked, has a great sit, stay & down, is highly socialized, learning to heel and was rather easy to potty train. Currently she well on her way to becoming a CGC. Family, friends and strangers on walks constantly comment on how well behaved she is. Sara is really great with dogs, and their owners and teaches you how to appropriately train your OWN dog. (I would say she really trains you, and lets you train the dog.) The proof is in the pudding, give her 1 month and can almost guarantee you’ll see a huge improvement in both your dogs behavior and mental health as long as you do your homework. A mentally stimulated dog is a happy dog! 🙂 I recommend her to everyone I know that is struggling with doggy behavioral issues, or is getting a new pup. Not only is she a great trainer, she is very knowledgeable about different breeds and overcoming genetically predisposition-ed behaviors. She really teaches you how to identify possible issues and be proactive about your dog’s health. (I am constantly bugging her with questions and she always responds the very same day with encouragement and great advice.) I highly recommend Sara Gingerich and I look forward to working with her further.” -Ashley H. Rochester, WA

~Sara with one of her Lab clients~

~Sara with one of her Lab clients~

“Sara began training our Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy Zada, when she was only 7 weeks old. She is 15 weeks old now and I can’t believe how far she has come. I have had dogs throughout my life and never had one in obedience training until now, I can honestly say having our puppy in obedience training with Sara makes such a difference!! Zada is a polite, well mannered member of our family and goes most everywhere with us, friends of ours who aren’t “dog people” have commented that she is one of the most well behaved dogs they have ever seen! Thanks Sara!!” – Devon K. Chehalis, WA


~Sara with her boy Snickers.

“If you have a dog you need Sara! One lesson with Sophie our 6 month old Boxer, there is such a difference. Sophie now knows the inside of the house is for rest not for running around tearing our home apart. I am excited to see what she can do with our little Old English Bulldog.” -Jim R. Chehalis, WA

“Jeb is a one year old very energetic (and maybe a little spoiled) Red Bone Coon Hound. I thought I knew what I was doing training my dog, by myself, until my husband said “We’ve got to do something about this dog or he needs a new home!” Yikes! That’s when I found Sara, via her website and Facebook. She began training Jeb (and okay, training ME!) when Jeb was about 8 months. I WISH I HAD KNOWN ABOUT SARA SOONER! She is AMAZING! Patient and kind, passionate and knowledgeable, and without a doubt, a blessing! O have recommended her to several of my friends because she’s just too good to keep secret! Jeb has become such a great dog because Sara taught all of us how to get Jeb to his great potential! Trust me, if you love your dog, you won’t hesitate to call Sara for dog training! Simply the best!” -Stacie S. Centralia, WA

“I recently did a photo shoot with Zada and her family, who were referred to us by Sara. She is an amazing dog trainer. Zada was the most well behaved and responsive puppy I have ever worked with and I hope to get the opportunity to work with more of her clients. They are a pleasure to photograph.” -Heather M. Olympia, WA – Professional Photographer

“Sara trains my little Daisy Mae. She is great with her. She is patient and explains things clearly. Sara is always available for questions and willing to meet when and where it is easiest for me. Sara really loves dogs and training them. I recommend her to everyone I know or run into with dogs: new dogs, older dogs, dogs with behavior or emotional problems. Thank you Sara for being a terrific dog trainer!” -Jodi R. Centralia, WA

“She has taught us so much, my group of dog friends are now stepping up their training to try to keep up with archer. Everyday he gets better and if we hit a snag Sarah is quick to respond with excellent advice on how to correct the issue. Her knowledge and experience is beyond compare, im so glad we found her and can’t recommend her enough.” -Lori B. Tenino, WA


~Sara with her clients and her dogs.

“We started training with Sara a week after we got our 11 month old border collie mix. Sadie was brought to the Humane Society in Portland by her previous owners because of some cat chasing issues & some other quirks. We knew we wanted to find someone to help us train her to be well mannered & social. We’re so happy we found Sara. She met with us and we set up some weekly training sessions in our home & yard. Every week we could see the progress. Sara’s techniques of positive training worked so well with our Sadie. We now have a great family dog that we can take to any park, trail or public area without problems. Sara would bring her two dog assistants, Midnight & Shadow. Sadie also learned from watching how they responded to Sara. Sadie passed her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test and is a well behaved member of our family. We couldn’t be more pleased with the training Sara provided us & we would recommend anyone looking for a dog trainer to call her.” -Patty W. Chehalis, WA

IMG_3773 (1)

~Sara with her dogs

“I am a behaviorist. I have professionally worked with the hardest and most challenging teens out there. So, when I got a new puppy to train as a service dog, I knew I had this. I’ve trained horses, I’ve had dogs, I’ve worked with the toughest of the tough. Well, it took me all of two weeks to realize I didn’t have this. A friend of mine had used and talked about Sara, so I thought let’s try that, because honestly at that point I was so beyond. I thought I’d have to give my brand new German short haired pointer back or live with a dog I couldn’t control. First visit with Sara and I had found a new passion and knew that we would make it. The beauty about Sara is, that passion gets reignited every week. Last week I got to see all the work really payoff. Before Sara, I had a puppy I couldn’t enjoy because he would go rabid and bite and jump. After working for just a few months with Sara, I spent a lovely hour and a half at Picasso bros enjoying lunch with my service dog in-training by my side, being a perfect gentleman. I can’t sing Sara’s praises enough. Because of her I am going to have the service dog I not only want, but need. My husband plans to get a puppy for companionship amd I can guarantee we will be involving Sara from the beginning, even in choosing the pup. Give it a month with Sara, you’ll be amazed at how much better the quality of life in your home will be for everyone. Then, perhaps you will be like us and insist she never leaves.” -Sabrina G. – Toldeo, WA 

“Sara is the best! My one- year- old redbone coonhound and I have only had one month of training so far, but I’m looking forward to learning much more from Sara! After the first session, I was amazed by the changes in my (incredibly stubborn) dog. He was already more attentive to me and his recall skills were surprisingly improved. He has continued to become a much better listener and I have learned how to communicate with him with much more success for both of us! Walks are much more enjoyable after Sara taught us about turning, dealing with distractions and proper use of praise and correction. He has also learned “stay”, which has proven far more useful than I could have imagined. Sara is full of wisdom and cares deeply about each client, four and two- legged. I found her through a friend’s recommendation, and now I recommend her to every dog owner I know. I find myself far less frustrated now that my dog and I are understanding each other’s needs and expectations, and we have even more fun together. I can’t wait to see what else Sara has in store for us- I’m convinced she can do anything! “-Carlie G. Centralia, WA

“I would highly recommend Sara to anyone who has or is thinking about having a dog in their life. When we brought home a 6 month old great dane, we wanted to make sure we provided the best possible home for our first dog. Knowing that Cali would grow to be as big as me, there was no question that we would work with a trainer on basic obedience. We also soon found out that an older puppy can present bigger challenges and needed some guidance with socialization. This is where Sara came in and our only regret was not calling her sooner. Sara is simply amazing! She is personable, knowledgeable, and extremely passionate about what she does. We love that she personalizes her training to meet each individual dog’s needs and that she is always there to answer questions, encourage you through frustrations, and celebrate victories. We have learned so much from working with Sara the last few months and have seen so much progress. Cali actually gets excited when it’s time to train and is well on her way to being the polite, confident, and (most importantly) happy dog we have always wanted. We look forward to seeing where our training takes us in the future!” -Katie C. Napavine, WA

“We contacted Sara before we brought our Boxer puppy Elliott home. Sara has been the difference that keeps our puppy on the straight and narrow, oh, and happy! She is always available to answer our questions, even when it is not our training appointment. She is extremely competent and very sweet with our baby.” -Gretchen W. Chehalis, WA

Sara’s services are also referred by Cascade West Veterinary Hospital, Centralia WA.

Sara at 8 years with her first dog.

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